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ITALCOM Ltd, a young and dynamic company , it has developed based on the experience of over 40 years in the field of family Bariani equipment for the car and for the industry.

He was born in 1994 from an idea by Gianluigi Bariani that , with the support of qualified companies in the world , began to market a full range of special equipment for maintenance and management of grease, oil , air, water etc. .
Thanks to the contribution of qualified staff creates a few years later , its own production line, currently present in almost all world markets .

Particular attention is paid to the ecological requirements and then to all the equipment to the recovery by gravity or suction of waste oil .
Thanks to a ' direct experience with the user, ITALCOM SRL is now offering to the market for quality products suited to the specific needs of the user.

In a period which is the highest presence in our product markets outside Europe , the Italcom Ltd. guarantees high quality in all materials Employees , meticulous care during assembly and packaging , and in particular relationships with customers , with an information service always attentive to the needs and specific requests

In this perspective, the constant search for new solutions , alternatives and improvements of existing products on the market today .


ITALCOM s.r.l.
via Nicolò Paganini 7
San Giuseppe di Cassola (VI) Italy
P.IVA: 02418070245

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