Ad Blue Line: WATER ITC 75 WR HT T P D G 2O Diaphragm pump for Ad Blue 3/4'

Products: ITC 75 WR HT T P D G 2O Diaphragm pump for Ad Blue 3/4'

Diaphragm pump for Ad Blue 3/4'


Diaphragm pump for grease 1/2'Pneumatic pump with chamber in Glass Fiber and Polypropylene , diaphragms in Keyflex and PTFE, balls in Ptfe . Size fluid line 3/4' gas.  Components selected to be used with Ad BLue



features 50c

Pump with reciprocating coaxial chambers with in built valves seats and manifolds located above and below of the chambers (R version, reversible, excluded).
Un balanced air distributor with air spring assisted differen- tial air distributor spool.
Separate pilot spool valve coaxial to the shaft of the dia- phragm. (mod. 50C excluded).
Air distributor command reversed at the end of each stroke of the pilot spool valve.
Air flow to diaphragms' pressurisation chambers adjustable. Performance regulation on request from the model 50 and above.
Pump are double chamber volumetric pumps.
The diaphragms linked by a common shaft move of alter- native motion within coaxial chambers and are displaced by pressurised air alternatively delivered to their rear side by an air distributor such that while one diaphragm draws the fluid into one chamber from a common manifold the other diaphragm pumps the fluid from the opposite chamber in to the other common manifold.
Depending upon the application we propose different designs for the same pump size aimed to obtain specific benefits like compact dimensions, reduced cost or superior performance.
Currently the range proposed includes the sizes 1/4" - 3/8" - 1/2" - 3/4" - 1" - 11/4" - 11/2" - 2". In the near future we will manufacture the larger sizes 3" and 4".
• Can run dry.
• Dry lift up to 6 m.
• Operates pneumatically. Doesn't need electrical actuators.
• Stall free pneumatic circuit.
• Easy to install.
• Submersible.
• Lube free.
• Adjustable flow.
• Pumps fluids laden with solids.
• Pumps viscous liquids.
• Pumps liquid with low flash point.
and type of liquids ranging from low to high viscosity, neutral
All metallic and plastic standard executions are adequate to operate in environments at risk of explosion classified as "Zone 2" (Series II 3/3GD IIB T 135°C) of European ATEX regu- lation.
For operations in ATEX areas classified as "Zone 1" (II 2/2gd IIB T 135°C) Italcom offers pumps manufactures with con- ductive parts for all thermoplastic and metallic version.
ITALCOM pumps can be installed like here illustrated for the operations of transfer, feeding, circulation, injection, empty- ing, dosage.


Italcom's pumps are manufactured either with thermoplastic or metallic materials.
Available thermoplastic materials are glass fibre reinforced polypropylene (GFR PP), and carbon fibre filled polyvinylidene fuoride (CFF PVDF); construction with pure PVDF is available for a restricted range of models.
PP: resists to aqueous solutions of acids alkalis, salts and several organic solvents; is not resistant to concentrated oxidant acids.
PVDF: resists to acids, saline solutions, aromatics hydrocarbons, aliphatic and chlorinates, alcohols and halogens.
Metallic pumps are made of Aluminium e Stainless Steel SUS 316 for industrial use or of electro polished Stainless Steel SUS 316 with clamp connections and compliant to FDA regulations for Food application.

construction materials

Thermoplastic diaphragms
Offer high chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and long life; are made of Keyflex®, Santoprene® and Polyurethane; the broad range of application these materials are adequate to, eases the choice of the correct pump execution.
Elastomeric diaphragms
Deploy blend of rubbers embedding nylon made reinforc- ing mesh designed to increase their mechanical resistance. Most common elastomeric rubbers are nitrilic (NBR) and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) based. On re- quest we deliver also fluorinated rubber FKM diaphragms (e.g.: Viton®).
PTFE diaphragms
Il PTFE is the fluoro-polymer material with the broadest chemical resistance.
Our PTFE diaphragms are manufactured with a special pro- cess to be flexible and resistant.
In our Italcom pumps the PTFE diaphragm is always backed up by a rear diaphragm of thermoplastic rubber which in- creases the resistance and its service life.

The pumping casings are bolted to the central casing and to the manifolds by stainless steel bolts to assure reliable operation free from losses of pressurized air or fluids. Valves are integrated in the liquids' chambers to improve
dry lift.
The distributor is unbalanced with air spring assisted differ- ential air distributor spool and command spool integrated in the distributor spool.
The original design of the distributor optimizes the per- formances of the pumps and contributes to the reduction of air consumption. The pump operates also with minimal pneumatic pressure supply. Flow and speed vary adjusting the air flow while the head depends from the pressure of the air supply.

pumps identification



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