Air operated grease kits

Pneumatic grease kits composed of pneumatic pumps, hose, gun, cover, membrane and trolley.

Air operated grease kits

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Pneumatic grease kit for drums 180 kg...

Grease kit for drums 180/220 kg,  complete with: pump (10094), follower plate (12360), drum cover (11360), trolley (70201),preset to receive an hose reel, hose reel (68110) complete with 10 m hose, pump-hose reel connecting hose 1,5 m (81000), grease gun (13880).

Pneumatic grease kit for...

Pneumatic grease kit for drums 20/30 kg

Grease kit for drums 20/30 kg (44/66 lb) complete with: pump (10048), follower plate (12310), drum cover (11330), trolley (70040), delivery hose 3 m (9,84 ft) (81003), grease gun (13880).

Pneumatic wheel mounted grease kit...

Wheel mounted grease kit for kegs 20 - 30 Kg.(44/66 lb) For ecological reasons the grease keg it’s enclosed into the wheel mounted container. In this way the grease is doubly protected. The kit includes: Wheel mounted container, pump (10048), drum cover (11330), follower plate (12310), grease gun (13860), delivery hose 3 m. (9,84 ft) (81003).