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Ad-Blue Dispensing unit for 1.000 l tank with electric pump

1.769,00 (VAT Incl.) 1.238,30 (VAT Incl.)

Ad-Blue Dispensing unit for 1.000 l tank with electric pump 230v 32 l/mn,electronic meter, automatic nozzle, discharge hose 6m, charging hose 1 m with SEC  Suitable 12 or 24v 

Details on “Ad-Blue Dispensing unit for 1.000 l tank with electric pump”

From Italcom’s experience in the production of fluid transfer systems comes the 24700, the world’s most famous dispenser for AdBlue® that supports the transfer and filling of AdBlue® from IBC tanks. 


24700 for AdBlue® adapts to the needs of users looking for a reliable and safe AdBlue® dispenser.

The Automotive industry has developed SCR technology to comply with the increasingly demanding parameters of the regulations (Euro 6) governing the emission of harmful substances. In order to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from the exhaust gases of diesel engine vehicles, the AdBlue® solution is dispensed into the special tank of Euro 6 vehicles.

The AdBlue® 24700 dispenser simplifies the filling of Urea in tanks installed on vehicles and is suitable for all those workshops that need an IBC tank, which can be moved if necessary.

A poor quality AdBlue® dispenser could compromise and contaminate the AdBlue® solution, for this reason quality materials constructed entirely of polypropylene have been used to avoid oxidation of the materials and a clean flow without impurities.


The 24700 AdBlue® transfer unit contains everything you need to refill.

The 24710 AdBlue® diaphragm transfer pump can dispense up to 30 l/min and the 6 m delivery hose and 2 m suction hose have a SEC connection.

The 21051 automatic nozzle completes the Misfilling Kit with a spout with misfilling system and a magnetic adaptor.


Sturdy stainless steel structure 

SEC connector for plastic connections to the IBC tank

New safety lock for the support brackets:

Crimped EPDM delivery hose

New 21051 automatic nozzle with Break-Away system and stainless steel spout

24700 for AdBlue® is the right solution for fast and clean transfer and filling of AdBlue® under all environmental conditions.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 37 × 47 × 26 cm


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