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Easyview 2.O Oil meter gun with rigid outlet – MCO 2.0 WIFI

610,00 (VAT Incl.) 427,00 (VAT Incl.)

Easyview 2.O Oil meter gun with rigid outlet – MCO 2.0 WIFI

Details on “Easyview 2.O Oil meter gun with rigid outlet – MCO 2.0 WIFI”

Over the years we’ve change the way we make phone calls, read the news or watch TV. Today, all you need is a smartphone to take photographs and check your bank balance in real time. Everywhere it has changed the way people communicate,manage and organize information. And in your workshop? Are you ready to evolve?


The design of the gun has been further improved. Easyview is a more practical and intelligent gun. Its large display shows the count data transmitted wirelessly (zigbee) from the associated GPV 2.0.

This allows the gun to have no need for an internal liter-counter, with a significant reduction in weight and a greater risk of damage. Key to the delivery system is the perfect dialogue of GPV 2.0 with the entire MCO 2.0 system, and wireless communication between the GPV 2.0 solenoid valve and the Easyview gun. Optimized integration down to the smallest details. The MCO 2.0 Software is available in indifferent versions depending on your needs. You can also choose to receive it on USB support or in a WEB version.

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Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 15 cm


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