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Electro-hydraulic double scissor-lift, low profile. 3000 kg

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Electro-hydraulic double scissor-lift, low profile. 3000 kg

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Details on “Electro-hydraulic double scissor-lift, low profile. 3000 kg”

The limited space leaves the surrounding areas free, increasing safety in the work area. Ideal for mechanical repairs, tire service and shock absorbers, as well as being an excellent choice in the acceptance area.

Absence of mechanical connections between the platforms for maximum operation in the work area.

The minimum height from the ground 112 mm, ensures easy access to the vehicle and allows rapid positioning for lifting.

Removable mobile climbing ramps. Greater support surface.

Dual circuit hydraulic synchronization with 4 crossed pistons.

2 mt. of flexible hoses connecting the bridge to the control unit.

Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical safety devices in compliance with European Standards.

Platform movement speed controlled during the descent phases.

Electrical system with low voltage control circuit (24V). Safety cell for out-of-plane control. Acoustic signal in the final phase of the descent. in self-lubricating plastic material. Articulation pins with self-lubricating bushes. Small footprint with closed bridge for lifting vehicles with low profile. Also ideal for floor installation.

Maximum load 3000 kg Maximum height 190 cm Minimum height 11.2 cm Power supply 230 or 400v Lifting time 55 sec Net weight 830 kg

New product with warranty, Italian company

Additional information

Weight 830 kg
Dimensions 120 × 130 × 100 cm


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