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GPV 2.O Oil meter and double solenoide valve – MCO 2.0 WIFI

1.586,00 (VAT Incl.) 1.110,20 (VAT Incl.)

GPV 2.O Oil meter and double solenoide valve

Details on “GPV 2.O Oil meter and double solenoide valve – MCO 2.0 WIFI”

Over the years we’ve change the way we make phone calls, read the news or watch TV. Today, all you need is a smartphone to take photographs and check your bank balance in real time. Everywhere it has changed the way people communicate,manage and organize information. And in your workshop? Are you ready to evolve?

GPV 2.0 can be fully controlled remotly. Available in LAN/Wifi version.


Designed and built to operate constantly, with no surprises.

The use of Wi-Fi technology makes the system far easier to install and expand, with minimal disruption of your garage activities. The MCO 2.0 revolution has also changed our dispensing units. From the range of air-operated pumps to the GPV 2.0 solenoid valves or the new Easyview nozzle

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Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 15 cm


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