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Machine to wash and change ATF

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Machine to wash and change ATF with standard connections bag and printer

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Details on “Machine to wash and change ATF”

Designed to replace completely the ATF and clean the related circuit on all models of cars.

The ATF EXCHANGER presents the broader features of self-adaptability to the circuit in which it is inserted by being polyfunctional, suitable for any type of automatic transmission including robotized.

Extremely high precision (3 gr. It. 10), easy to use, versatile and safe to maneuver errors, requires only one operator even unskilled.

There is no need to determine the direction of flow, so it is not important how the pipes are connected to the car

Are made automatically in sequence, if set, the washing step, the step of replacing oil and the step of addition of the additive permanent

Completely designed and manufactured in Italy, a guarantee of accuracy and reliability on each use


• Power supply: 12V DC battery (car battery) • Display: LCD 20 characters x 4 lines, backlit, alphanumeric

• Hardware: Electronic control board and control microcontroller

• Automatic detection of oil flow the direction • Suitable for robotized transmission

• Absolute accuracy in the exchange oil, regardless of the temperature

• Requires only one operator

• Measuring digital oil temperature

• Automatic check for new oil quantity

• Automatic check for available volume tank waste oil

• Introduction fully automatic cleaning additive

• Introduction fully automatic additive permanent

• Auto setting specific weight of lubricants

• Memory codes and specifications favorite types of oil

• 2 lights to highlight the status of processes • Pump: Flow rate max = 5.5 liters / min Capacity min = 4.5 liters / min Maximum pressure = 9 bar

• Dimensions: L = 650 mm, H = 1130 mm,D = 450 mm

• Weight: 61 kg (approx.)


• Length 2.5 m hose assemblies closed

• No. 2 oil filters online

• 2 Cans 30 Litre

• Set of fittings universal European and Asian cars


• 24 column thermal printer

• Remote control

• Set of cylindrical fittings last type + bracket

• Continuous updating of fittings and connections

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 60 × 80 × 115 cm


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