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Water captor filter 70 l/mn 30 micron

195,20 (VAT Incl.) 136,64 (VAT Incl.)

Water captor filter 70 l/mn 30 micron F 1 ‘one head 2 cartridges

Details on “Water captor filter 70 l/mn 30 micron”


Cartridge filters and water absorbing filters. Water separating filter. The delivery filter is a water absorbing cartridge. These filters guarantee the fundamental protection of motors using station dispensed diesel. This type of filter characteristically separates and absorbs any water present in the pumped diesel. The absorption of water however gradually causes a reduction in filtering capacity and consequently increases head loss caused by the filter. All waterlogged filters should be replaced.


Filtering capacity 30 µm

Flow rate 70 l/min

Operating pressure 3.5 bar

Bursting pressure 10 bar

Additional information

Weight 2,4 kg
Dimensions 29 × 39 × 14 cm


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